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The MOTIVE® Directional Drilling Bit Guidance System is available directly to Oil and Gas Companies.

This directional drilling automation platform provides turn-by-turn instructions to guide the driller on the rig for optimized directional drilling of horizontal wells using machine intelligence rather depending on the variable decisions that may be made by a human directional driller.

The system supports the work of directional drilling supervisors, company men, drilling engineers, and others associated with borehole positioning with real-time directional drilling data analysis and automated decision-making to ensure the best possible drilling of horizontal wells.

The analysis includes continuous calculation and display of rotary walk, rotary build, motor yield, and motor potential. The Guidance System also provides continuous determination of bit location, bit error from plan, azimuth error from plan, inclination error from plan, and many other variables that allow a quick determination of the quality of the operation. This provides complete transparency of directional drilling activities in real-time.

The Bit Guidance System enables operators to continuously provide automated turn-by-turn instructions directly to the driller on the rig floor in real-time. The optimized slide /rotate sequence determined by the system considers all operator costs associated with rig time, future production potential, and the risks linked to a tortuous borehole.

The system also allows directional drilling supervisors to evaluate field performance in real-time (dogleg severity, ability to hold tool face, tool face setup time, slide quality, errors from plan, MSE, etc.).

Monitoring and control of directional drilling activities can be performed by the operator from the company man’s office, from individual engineer’s and field supervisor’s desks, or remotely using a standard internet browser or through MOTIVE®’s intuitive, user friendly iPad app. The system also allows a single directional driller to perform operations across multiple rigs from a Remote Operations center.

Use of the MOTIVE® Bit Guidance System has been proven to significantly increase ROI for the operator in many ways including decreased drilling time, greater accuracy, greater consistency, increased production potential and enhanced real-time collaboration. The system is compatible with all directional drilling BHAs allowing the operator to continue working with their current directional drilling service providers while using the system to both provide transparency and to improve performance.

In addition to procuring the Directional Drilling Bit Guidance System directly from MOTIVE®, the system can also be procured from MOTIVE® Certified Channel Partners as a part of their directional drilling service offerings.

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