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The MOTIVE® Formation Correlation Module  identifies formation tops and markers hours earlier than is possible by a Geologist using current correlation techniques, saving not just valuable time but operating costs. Earlier correlations allow target changes to be made much earlier, and helps to avoid unnecessary doglegs and reduces borehole tortuosity.

The bit guidance system’s capacity to continuously provide real-time estimates of the bit location is the foundation of the formation correlation module. This location is updated by calculating micro-surveys every three inches, using the empirically determined geo-drift (rotary walk and build) and motor yield.

Since the guidance system has calculated a continuous estimate of the borehole location, the gamma ray (GR) log can be continuously corrected to true vertical depth (TVD).

The MOTIVE® TVD-corrected GR is automatically machine correlated in real-time with offset GR logs. When a formation top or marker is identified by the system, email and short message service (SMS) notifications are delivered automatically. Attachments include the TVD-corrected GR and the offset GR, with the correlation clearly shown.   In most cases, the correlation and target change is made prior to the Geologist receiving a TVD corrected log from the MWD service company.

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